Drumming and Percussion Overview – Video

Here are some clips from old videos of Mark Kimpton playing Latin drum set and congas, African percussion and drums, Timpani, marching percussion, Taiko, marimba and more, with his voiceover narrating. (Please forgive the video quality.)

Mark Kimpton: Drum and Percussion Overview from Mark Kimpton on Vimeo.

The Art of the Scottish Snare Drum


A few years ago, after playing drums for over 50 years, I added to my activities participation in bagpipe and drum bands here in Las Vegas and elsewhere. I am now offering instruction in Scottish snare drum, a unique style of drum playing with its own requirements for performing and competing. It has a long […]

Do You Have to Read Music?


There are guys who are just better at certain styles of playing. I’ve seen great Latin style drummers in town, one, Walfredo Reyes, Sr., who was percussionist for Wayne Newton, great guy, and a world-renowned Afro-Cuban percussionist. But when he got to Vegas he couldn’t read a note of music, so he actually came to […]

Listen and Learn Drumming


Just a few little throwaway thoughts.
Listen to Yourself
One of the best things to do, especially early on, is recording yourself while doing drumming rehearsal/practice. Then play back what you are playing. Take the time to listen to what you just played, because you may think it’s coming out right when it’s not. Or what you […]

My Life-Long Passion for Drumming Begins


My drumming itself, started when I was very young. I was at a parade with my mother and at one point a marching band came by and the band stopped in front of us and played.I think I was four and a half or five. You can imagine the impression this made on me. Then a […]

I Began Teaching at a Young Age


My first student was when I was eleven years old, and he was sixteen. Our family physician lived across the street from me. At the time I was taking drum lessons myself, having started when I was five and being very avid but at the time we had no money for a drum set. This […]

Learning to Play Drums without Practicing


No “Practicing”
The first thing I tell the parents, especially for children at a very young age, is don’t tell the child to go practice. I say to let them rehearse. Because when you tell them to go do their homework the first thing in their mind is, “I don’t want to do it.” So don’t […]

Musicians May Have Unique Needs


Unique Needs
I had one boy here and early on the father said he doesn’t do well in his other classes, and we talked about that, and I said the reason why is that he’s an auditory learner. I asked the boy right then, “Do you like to read books?” No. and I said, “The reason […]

Why I Enjoy Teaching Drumming and Percussion


Lessons and the Rewards of Teaching
I really am so focused on giving my musical background, my education, my experience to other people, especially kids. I see kids on stage doing things I used to do at their age, all because of what I showed them, to me that’s the best thing in the world right […]