Listen and Learn Drumming

Just a few little throwaway thoughts.

Listen to Yourself

One of the best things to do, especially early on, is recording yourself while doing drumming rehearsal/practice. Then play back what you are playing. Take the time to listen to what you just played, because you may think it’s coming out right when it’s not. Or what you think wasn’t right was coming out fine. You will also learn to hear what you are doing and what sounds right and what doesn’t.

That reminds me of one of the things I learned in recording studios in Los Angeles. Sometimes you would lay a track down and say to yourself, “Man, that sure sucked.” But they would say, “That’s exactly what I wanted.” So you think to yourself, “Well, for $300 an hour I can give you that.” And other times you play your butt off and think it was perfect and the guy would say it wasn’t what he wanted. And sometimes they don’t know what they want.

Also: Practice in front of a mirror. This is especially good for a drummer so you can watch your hands to make sure the positions are right and everything else.