The Art of the Scottish Snare Drum

A few years ago, after playing drums for over 50 years, I added to my activities participation in bagpipe and drum bands here in Las Vegas and elsewhere. I am now offering instruction in Scottish snare drum, a unique style of drum playing with its own requirements for performing and competing. It has a long history in areas with Celtic roots and of course is closely tied to Scottish pipe bands and culture. I also teach tenor drum for pipe band.

markScottishSnareScottish snare drum playing has important differences from other snare and drum line playing. I will guide you to build the abilities you need for this rewarding genre of performance, building and strengthening the drumming foundations that are so important whether you aspire to join a pipe band or wish to improve your abilities in your current situation.

Pipe bands compete regularly and the snare drummers are a critical part of the foundation for the whole band performing at its best. Without certain skills in your drum corps you cannot have a tight knit band. I will work with you to build these very important drumming skills so you can be a truly valuable member of a pipe band, and support your fellow performers through your own excellence.

Give me a call and we can set up a schedule to get you properly trained for this rewarding field of snare drum playing. Private and group lessons are available. Use the Contact page on the top menu and I will get back to you.